Illuminate Your Workspace with Precision: Adaptive LED Backlight Enhancement Kit for 15-24 Inch LCD Monitors
Illuminate Your Workspace with Precision: Adaptive LED Backlight Enhancement Kit for 15-24 Inch LCD Monitors
Illuminate Your Workspace with Precision: Adaptive LED Backlight Enhancement Kit for 15-24 Inch LCD Monitors

Illuminate Your Workspace with Precision: Adaptive LED Backlight Enhancement Kit for 15-24 Inch LCD Monitors

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Light up your workspace with precision. This adaptive LED backlight enhancement kit is designed to fit laptops sized between 15-24 inches, and includes adjustable LED light for a universal highlight and dimmable light. Enjoy a bright and clear display with improved power efficiency.


Upgrade your viewing experience with our state-of-the-art LED Backlight Enhancement Kit, specially designed to elevate your monitor's display quality. Perfect for 15 to 24-inch LCD monitors, our Universal Highlight Dimmable kit is engineered for unparalleled brightness control, enhancing your productivity, reducing eye strain, and adding a touch of modern elegance to your workspace.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Compatibility: Designed for 15-24 inch LCD monitors

  2. Brightness Control: Dimmable LED lights for optimal illumination customization

  3. Energy Efficiency: High-performance LED technology for reduced power consumption

  4. Installation: Hassle-free setup with included easy-to-follow instructions

  5. Adjustability: Flexible design allowing seamless adjustment to fit your monitor perfectly

  6. Universal Fit: Compatible with most popular monitor brands and models

  7. Longevity: Durable materials ensuring a long product lifespan

 Advantages of Our LED Backlight Enhancement Kit:

1. Enhanced Viewing Experience:

Transform your monitor's display with enhanced brightness and clarity, allowing you to enjoy vivid colors and sharp contrasts.

2. Eye-Friendly Illumination:

Reduce eye strain and fatigue with the customizable brightness control, creating a comfortable and visually-pleasing working environment.

3. Energy-Efficient Solution:

Benefit from energy-efficient LED technology that not only brightens your workspace but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly setup.

 How to Use the LED Backlight Enhancement Kit:

  1. Simple Installation Process: Begin by following the step-by-step installation guide included in the package. Attach the LED strips securely to your monitor's frame for a seamless integration.

  2. Adjust Brightness as Desired: Customize the brightness levels using the easily accessible dimming controls, ensuring your workspace is perfectly illuminated for your specific needs.

  3. Enjoy Enhanced Display Quality: Experience a new level of visual clarity and sharpness while working, gaming, or watching multimedia content on your LCD monitor.

Upgrade your workspace and revolutionize your viewing experience with our Adaptive LED Backlight Enhancement Kit. Say goodbye to dull displays and hello to a vibrant, eye-friendly environment that enhances your productivity.



Type: Embedded Computer

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Model Number: 24 inch / 535mm

Width: 4mm

Length: 24 inch / 535mm

Board Size: 70mm*20mm

Products Status: Stock

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Hans Bayer

Ordered a repair kit for TV. Native burned down in pieces, handed it over for repair a year ago, the country is still being repaired.
Well, it was not the essence of the bar that I cut to fit my length, I already wanted to climb into the fee for connection, but I noticed a surprisingly similar cable as on a train from a set. It turned out to be a Cartoon! In general, to connect, it was only necessary to exchange yellow wires and build up the wires from one bar.
But with the delivery they cheated, ordered with shipment from Russia and delivery on September 4th, and sent from China and received only on September 18th, instead of a week they had to wait three.

Sofia Kshlerin

The parcel arrived quickly. The packaging is great. Everything works. I take it not and the first time from this seller.

Ophelia Bogisich

Arrived quickly, packed gorgeous, the seller is great, thank you!

Ashton Turcotte

The product was declared as "adjustable LED backlight for a 15-24 inch LCD monitor, universal"-and in fact the line of LEDs came 15 "long (marked" gyd-315mm-15f-a ").
Where is "universality?"
Very disappointed in the purchase.
The seller in the chat could not answer anything clearly about this, it's a pity...
It is not advisable to restore the monitor backlight to 15 ", no one has used such for a long time.

Thomas Stanton

The backlight is normal, the temperature is similar to the native lamps, it is still stable. How long it will work is not clear, time will tell. On connection, I certainly understand that it's time to forget English and learn Chinese for everyone, but the slide with the pinout could be duplicated internationally. Here's what it says:
Red and Black respectively + and-power driver, this is understandable. Yellow Ena-we supply from 2,5 to 5 volts-turn on the driver, turn off the driver less than 2,5 volts. There is a pin on/off on the power train of the monitors-this ENA is on it and we hang it. Yellow dim-backlight brightness, we supply from 0 to 5 volts. 0 (do not supply anything, just do not connect) brightness maximum, 5 V-brightness minimum.