GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly
GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly
GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly
GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly
GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly
GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly

GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam - Capture Your Ride Safely and Clearly

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GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam is the perfect companion when riding. Featuring Full HD 1080P front and rear view, as well as a waterproof design, this DVR recorder is the go-to solution for capturing and saving your memories on the road. With GPS logger recorder box technology, you can easily track and share your rides.


Ride with confidence and capture every moment of your motorcycle journeys with the GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam. This cutting-edge device offers dual 1080P full HD front and rear view recording, GPS logging capabilities, and a rugged waterproof design. Discover the technical specifications that make it stand out, the advantages of integrating it into your rides, and how to harness its full potential below, all in line with Google's ECO guidelines.

Technical Specifications:

  • Front and Rear Cameras: Dual 1080P cameras provide clear recording of both your motorcycle's front and rear views.
  • GPS Logger: Precisely tracks your route, speed, and location, offering valuable data for your rides.
  • Waterproof Design: Built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring optimal performance even in rain.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Easily access and download footage via the GreenYi app on your smartphone.
  • Loop Recording: Automatically overwrites older footage, ensuring uninterrupted recording.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: Captures a broad field of view to document every detail.
  1. Safety First: Enhance your safety on the road by recording incidents and interactions with other vehicles. It serves as an indisputable eyewitness.

  2. Document Your Journeys: Relive your adventures and scenic rides with high-quality video footage. Share your experiences with friends and fellow riders.

  3. Evidence in Case of Accidents: In case of an accident, the recorded footage can provide crucial evidence for insurance claims or legal matters.

  4. GPS Tracking: Keep track of your rides with GPS logging. Monitor your speed, location, and routes taken.

  5. Weatherproof Reliability: Don't let rain or adverse weather stop you. This dash cam is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring constant recording.

  6. Easy Access: Connect to the GreenYi app via WiFi to access and download your footage conveniently from your smartphone.

How to Use:

  1. Installation: Mount the front and rear cameras securely on your motorcycle, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead and behind.

  2. Power On: Connect the DVR to your motorcycle's power source. It will start recording automatically when you turn on your bike.

  3. GPS Setup: Activate the GPS logging feature in the settings menu. It will track your ride data during every journey.

  4. WiFi Connection: Download the GreenYi app on your smartphone, connect it to the DVR's WiFi, and access your recordings and GPS data effortlessly.

  5. Review and Share: Browse your footage, save important clips, and share your exciting rides with friends or on social media.

Make every motorcycle ride memorable and safe with the GreenYi WiFi Motorcycle DVR Dash Cam. Invest in your safety and the preservation of your riding experiences today.


Brand Name: GreenYi

Frames Per Second: 30

Origin: Mainland China

Chipset Manufacturer: MSTAR

Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder

APP Compatibility: no app

View angle: 150°

Number Of Lenses: 2

Accessories: Bracket, camera, wire controller, GPS

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Interface: USB2.0

Interface: Wi-Fi

Interface: Micro SD/TF

NightShot Function: YES

Power Source: Corded Electric

Video Code: H.264

Weight: 841g

Battery Life: auto on/off while engine on/off

Original Package: YES

Dimensions (W x H x D): 100*58*22mm

Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: YES

Audio Recorded: No

Camera Resolution: 1920x1080

Warranty: 1 year

Special Features: G-sensor

Special Features: SD/MMC Card

Special Features: waterproof

Special Features: Real Time Surveillance

Special Features: Wifi Function

Built-in Screen: YES

Battery Type: no battery

Video Format: TS

Touch Screen: No

Data Storage Capacity: support TF Card

Item Type: Car DVR

GPS logger: External

Battery: None

Maximum Video Frame Rate: 30

Display Size: 3"-5"

Input/Output: no

Battery Capacity: no battery

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10

OEM NO.: suitable for motorcycles

Imaging Sensor: Sony IMX323

OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)

OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)

OSD Language: English

OSD Language: French

OSD Language: German

OSD Language: Japanese

OSD Language: Korean

OSD Language: Russian

OSD Language: Spanish

Pixels: 200Mega

Rear Camera: YES

Display: IPS

Max External Memory: 128G

Front camera resolution: Real FHD 1920*1080P

Rear camera resolution: Real FHD 1920*1080P

WiFi Module: Built-in

Loop Recording: Support

G-Sensor: Built-in

Waterproof: Front and rear lens makes the waterproof (mainframe is not waterproof)

Emergency Lock: Support

Wifi Password: 12345678

Use: Motorcycle DVR

Model: M20C/M20D

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