Unleash Creativity: Children&
Unleash Creativity: Children&
Unleash Creativity: Children&
Unleash Creativity: Children&
Unleash Creativity: Children&
Unleash Creativity: Children&

Unleash Creativity: Children's Drawing Roll - Sticky Color Filling Paper for Graffiti, Scroll Coloring Paper Roll - DIY Painting Educational Toys for Kids

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Introduce your children to creative and artistic expression with this drawing roll for kids. Each roll comes with 20 meters of sticky paper and a range of bright colors, perfect for creating their own unique artwork. Kids can enjoy hours of DIY painting and learn color-mixing and creative skill development. Ideal for educational toys.


Introducing our Children's Drawing Roll, an innovative and interactive way to inspire creativity in your little artists. This Sticky Color Filling Paper is designed for endless artistic exploration, allowing kids to unleash their imagination through DIY painting and graffiti fun.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sticky Color Filling Paper
    • Specially formulated paper with an adhesive backing that allows for mess-free coloring and sticking on various surfaces.
  • Graffiti Scroll Design
    • The roll is designed as a continuous canvas, providing an expansive space for kids to create their masterpieces without limitations.
  • Vibrant Colors
    • The paper features a variety of vibrant colors to stimulate creativity and engage children in a visually exciting experience.


  • Mess-Free Creativity
    • The adhesive backing ensures a mess-free drawing experience, allowing kids to explore their artistic side without the need for additional materials like glue or tape.
  • Continuous Canvas
    • The scroll design offers a continuous canvas, encouraging kids to think big and create expansive artwork limited only by their imagination.
  • Educational Play
    • Enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity as children engage in DIY painting activities with this educational toy.
  • Versatile Use
    • Stick the drawings on walls, doors, or any flat surface, turning your child's artwork into colorful decorations for their space.

How to Use:

  1. Unroll and Secure
    • Unroll the Children's Drawing Roll to your desired length and secure it on a flat surface using the adhesive backing.
  2. Create Masterpieces
    • Let the creativity flow as kids draw, color, and paint on the sticky color filling paper, exploring various artistic techniques.
  3. Decorate and Display
    • Once the masterpiece is complete, cut or tear along the perforations and stick the artwork on walls, doors, or any chosen surface for vibrant decorations.
  4. Extend the Canvas
    • Unroll more paper as needed, providing an extended canvas for continuous artistic expression.


Elevate playtime with our Children's Drawing Roll - Sticky Color Filling Paper. This innovative educational toy not only provides a platform for artistic expression but also offers a mess-free and versatile drawing experience for kids. Order now and witness the joy of endless creativity unfolding in your child's world!


Brand Name: Byfa

Origin: Mainland China

Recommend Age: 0-3y

Recommend Age: 3-6y

Recommend Age: 6-12y

Material: Paper

Type: Drawing Board

Gender: Unisex

Classification: Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook

Material: Paper

Size: 300cmx30cm

Pattern: Six options

Feature: colours set for kids

Feature 2: scratch art paper

Feature 3: kids drawing toys

Feature 4: educational toys for children

Feature 5: kids learning toys

Feature 6: children gifts

Feature 7: coloring books

Feature 8: crafts for kids

Feature 9: montessori toys

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Feature 11: handmade paper-cut

Feature 12: color filling sticker

Feature 13: wall paper

Feature 14: DIY painting toy

Feature 15: graffiti scroll for children

Feature 16: drawing roll for kids

Feature 17: kids drawing paper

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