2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&
2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&
2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&
2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&
2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&
2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car&

2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display: Your Car's Digital Speedometer and More!

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The 2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display is designed to provide a more convenient and accurate way to monitor your driving speed. It features a digital speedometer HUD with a precision GPS to ensure accurate readings, plug-and-play capabilities, and a clear, large font display that's easy to read. Experience improved driving visibility with the newest electronics accessories from 2023.


Revolutionize your driving experience with the 2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display (HUD). This state-of-the-art plug-and-play device is designed to provide you with critical driving information at a glance, enhancing safety, convenience, and overall driving enjoyment. Dive into the technical specifications, discover the advantages, and learn how to maximize this innovative auto electronics accessory—all while adhering to Google's ECO guidelines.

Technical Specifications:

  • GPS-Powered: The Y05 HUD harnesses GPS technology for accurate speed and location information.

  • Plug and Play: Effortless installation—simply plug it into your car's OBD-II port and let it do the rest.

  • Big Font Display: A clear and easy-to-read digital display with large fonts ensures you stay informed without distraction.

  • Auto Brightness: The display adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions for optimal visibility day or night.

  • Versatile Data: Besides speed, it provides essential data like driving direction, altitude, trip distance, and more.

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all car models and makes—no matter what you drive.

  • Heads-Up Projection: Information is projected onto the windshield, keeping your eyes on the road.


  1. Enhanced Safety: The Y05 HUD promotes safer driving by displaying crucial information directly in your line of sight, reducing the need to look away from the road.

  2. Accurate Speed Reading: GPS-powered speed tracking ensures precise speed measurements, surpassing traditional speedometers.

  3. Easy Installation: Plug and play design means you can set it up in minutes without any technical expertise.

  4. Customizable Alerts: Set speed limits, and the HUD will notify you if you exceed them, helping you avoid speeding fines.

  5. Minimized Distraction: The heads-up display keeps you focused on the road ahead, reducing the time your eyes spend off the highway.

  6. Improved Navigation: Access real-time direction information, including compass headings and altitude, enhancing your travel experience.

How to Use:

  1. Locate the OBD-II Port: Find your vehicle's OBD-II port, usually located beneath the dashboard near the steering column.

  2. Plug and Play: Insert the Y05 HUD into the OBD-II port and ensure it's securely connected.

  3. Power On: Start your car's engine. The HUD will power on automatically.

  4. Windshield Projection: Adjust the HUD's position until the information is clearly projected onto your windshield within your line of sight.

  5. Customize Alerts: Optionally set speed limits or other preferences using the device's settings.

  6. Drive Safely: Enjoy the benefits of the HUD, keeping your eyes on the road while staying informed about vital driving data.

Upgrade your driving experience with the 2023 New GPS Y05 Head Up Display. Stay safe, informed, and in control on the road, and make your journeys more enjoyable than ever before.


Brand Name: ZQKJ

Origin: Mainland China

Wire or Wireless: USB cable

Rated Power: 5V

Size Name: 78mm*50mm*50mm

Output Frequency: 5V

Font size: 3.5mm

Color: White/Green

Speed unit: KM/h and MPH

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